Liquid Enterprise is an Enterprise Support Network that has been developed to help raise start-up levels across the region and support SME’s. We believe that enterprise should have no limits, therefore we run a range of programs that engage the successful or aspiring entrepreneur, regardless of their age, gender, or location. From workshops in rural libraries, to enterprise in schools, to a meet-up in your local, we have something for everyone.


Bi-monthly meet-ups in pubs and bars across Norwich. This casual setting is unintimidating and acts as a platform to connect the experienced entrepreneur with inspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups. Currently the group has 740 members. Join the meet-up group here.


Workshops are being run from a variety of settings such as libraries, sector hubs, and enterprise parks to reach as many people as possible. We run workshops that provide guidance on how to start-up, grow, and innovate.

Drop-in Session 

Due to time commitments people often can’t commit to coming to a workshop. We want to help as many people as possible so we are running drop-in sessions across the region. This allows people to work it around their schedule and stop by to see how we can help


Lunchtime seminars provide one-off focused opportunities for learning. Topics such as scaling-up, intellectual property, and CE marking. These seminars are held once a month.

Advice and Support

Liquid Enterprise is able to provided 1:1 support for entrepreneurs. Whether this is through collecting bespoke information on funding, or connecting for collaboration, we are able to support entrepreneurs in many ways.

Why Liquid?


We are developing Liquid Enterprise as a “liquid network”.

Gaseous networks have too much excitement and not enough structure, meaning it is hard to capture any value.

On the other side, solid networks are slow and static, they cant attract anyone new and are too rigid to implement innovation.

Liquid networks have the right balance of structure and flexibility, to allow the creation of new ideas but with enough structure to implement them.


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