Jordan of the Liquid Enterprise team recently met up with Simon Collin (MIAB AATTQB) of newly established finance startup ‘Keeping Track Bookkeeping‘, where we discussed his story, his future and the challenges he’s up against:

Who is Simon Collin and what is Keeping Track Bookkeeping?
KTB is a new startup focusing on new startups and sole traders and partnerships, aiming to take the stress away from your figures and give you some time back to do what you need to do: Be successful.

What are your expertise and the previous industries you’ve worked in? I worked in finance from banking and insurance and sales and service and management of a bistro. The majority of the time spent in finance helping people to do what was right for their financial or insurance situation. Also experience in running a bistro with all the trials and tribulations that arose within this.

What inspired you to go it alone?
The change mainly came about due to a change in life circumstances; supporting children and sadly having to leave work to care for my own father before he passed away. So, I took stock of my life and wanted a better work-life balance and to help others. It got to the point where I didn’t enjoy being part of a major industrial cog any more.

What is the next thing you’d like to learn to advance the business?
The next steps for me are keeping my skills up to date, getting out there and building my confidence in my business self. 

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