The Liquid Enterprise team recently met with Judi-mae Alderton of Mae Day Marketing to learn of her story and what hopes to achieve in the near future.

Who are you and what is Mae Day marketing?
I am Judi-mae Alderton and I have been working in marketing since graduating from the UEA in 2004. Mae Day Marketing is my business and an exciting new career direction for me. I want to offer my independent support to companies looking to optimise their marketing activity, boost their brand, build new communications channels or completely overhaul and revolutionise their marketing strategy.

What industries and careers have you previously worked in?
I have helped many different businesses in a variety of sectors during my career – software, finance, manufacturing: with a long and varied stint supporting the introduction of digital marketing and winning awards for Anglian Home Improvements. Marketing is, for me, all about letting people know you are there and what you stand for – and so far I have really enjoyed the work I have undertaken.

What made you take the leap to go it alone?
I have always been strongly independent and a career as a consultant has often appealed to me, though I have always found great full-time jobs too. This year, I decided to take the plunge and launch my business and so far, I am absolutely loving it!

What has been your first impression of the self-employed landscape?
Due to my previous experience, I had my first client within a week and my second within 3 so I have gotten off to a great start in this space – supported by friends and the community alike. I have met some wonderful people so far at networking events and the enthusiasm and knowledge out there is overwhelmingly positive.

What are your top priorities for the next year?
To make a real success of my projects and really support businesses who want to grow. I would absolutely love to speak to any ambitious businesses out there who want to improve their sales by implementing a great marketing strategy – whether they just want my advice and a plan, or ongoing management of their activity – I would love to get stuck in!

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