We recently caught up with Adrian Wise of WiseUp! whose new venture will support businesses large and small to recover unpaid debts. Over to Adrian…

Not only do we in the UK face the dreaded Brexit on 31.1.2020, but most businesses face a financial year-end of 31.3.2020 as well, so there are 3 months to get our acts together. As time is the most valuable resource, we can’t afford to waste any of it.

The clock is ticking, and it is time to adopt new subordinate procedures. These can be provided by Wise-Up! Over my 35+ years in finance, I have been involved in many ‘Collect-Out’ procedures & innovations to make sure there is no repetition of awkward cash-flow circumstances. This is what makes me an augmentation collections accelerator! 

Therefore, it is essential to provide adequate coping mechanisms, those of which ensure the survivability of a company’s existence. Without new dynamic procedures, any businesses existing procedures can become ineffectual.

Wise-Up! Helps provide regular reviews to maximise cash-flow. In the accounts receivable sales ledger, despite the fact that there could be total overdue’s ranging from 30 to 180 days, (God forbid), my innovative idea is to concentrate on the current column. Henceforth, DVA (Debt Verification Audit) becomes the essential matrix of guaranteeing 100% cash-flow.

Conducting the DVA procedure can be so simple & revealing. Training will result in an improved method of reporting cash-flow to the Finance Directors & Managing Directors, whereby decisions can be made to pay priority creditors, # 1 being, HMRC (PAYE & VAT).

Wise-Up! is a new venture founded by me, Adrian Wise (FICM, ABA, ACA), and seeks to support businesses large and small to become more financially sustainable. Following the “prevention is better than cure” mentality, I am here to support you and your business through training or direct intervention.

The message; businesses should not be victimised by fear.

Adrian can be reached via:
Email – wiseadrian@yahoo.co.uk
Phone – 07783022025