Liquid Enterprise has been working closely with Bryon Douglas of Think Maintenance over the previous few months, helping him create a business model for the future, and create innovative marketing practices.

What is Think Maintenance?
Think Maintenance is a new innovation to the heating and plumbing industry with a focused delivery of a tailor-made Planned Preventative Maintenance program for the business sector. It takes away uncertainty and invokes peace of mind for clients.

Unlike the current market offering, which works on when it breaks its fixed, this current practice is known as Reactive Maintenance which has a focus on repair or condemn. The Think Maintenance ideology is to fix the cause and not just the problem.

What are Think Maintenance’s Core Beliefs?
The core beliefs of the business are to bring a product to market which gives our clients value for money, a product which promotes a strategy that actively increases asset reliability, and significantly reduces breakdowns and increasing asset life cycle.

What does that mean?
What that means is, as one of our clients, you will be part of an industry-changing product which puts our clients at the top of current industry practices.

How was the concept created?
The concept has been designed by myself having gained considerable skills and experience within the commercial and domestic sectors. My education, training and experience is both business and engineering-based. During my time within the engineering sector I having held troubleshooting product delivery offering value for money, why wouldn’t you want to save money, increase profits and enjoy a peace of mind.

The challenges that I have faced have been numerous, however, my biggest challenge has been belief. In order for something to be successful not only is it the belief in the product it also requires self-discipline and belief in one’s self. I believe in this product so much I have lived on £2 a day for over 6 months and lost many things along the way and the amazing thing about my journey is that it has reinforced my belief in the product and concept. I don`t believe in thinking about the problems of the journey I believe in focusing on the destination, success in adversity is a better story to tell at the dinner table.

The future does hold other piped lined project focusing very much aligned with giving back to society and inspiring others. A blog mapping my journey with becoming soon called ‘Start your Business on a £5’ plotting where I have been, who I have met for better or worse.

Thank you for reading and I wish everyone success on their journey.

If you’d like to get in touch with Bryon, you can email him through

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